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Mark works with clients who are highly self-aware and aspire to continually grow and change for the sake of themselves, their people and the businesses they are entrusted to lead. He serves as a learning partner for executives and leaders by coaching them to redesign their conversations and relationships in order to lead with more clarity and impact. He specializes in working with executives and leaders challenged with: feeling stressed and overwhelmed from over commitment; teams with inefficient coordination and fractured relationships; and distrust in relationships which dramatically diminish work speed and negatively impact all results. His work with clients leads to teams and work cultures that are more efficient, enjoyable and authentic. Mark’s clients describe him as accepting and validating, while at the same time challenging and direct in ways that inspire his clients’ commitment to take courageous action and grow. He uses a balanced intellectual/emotional/somatic approach that creates a powerful environment for lasting behavioral change to take root. 



Put simply, one-on-one coaching is a learning partnership between Mark and the client. He supports them in creating sustainable behavior change in the areas they choose. They create that learning by getting clarity and expanding the client’s self-awareness, followed by the commitment to new practices that produce the results the clients want.

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Mark creates an engaging, experiential space for individuals to come together and take a more powerful look at themselves and the habits they have that are working and not working. He offers new concepts, asks participants to practice real time, then engages them in meaningful conversations about their experience. Participants leave making a self-defined commitment to future action to change their day-to-day lives.

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Looking for a speaker who inspires, challenges and provides meaningful insights to your audience? Mark creates a collaborative, eye-opening experience at events of all types. Participants leave with new insights into themselves and an excitement to go try something different in their lives.

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As a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, I am passionate about helping leaders and teams create transformational change within their lives and their organizations. Based out of Nashville, Tennessee since 1998, I offer executive coaching, workshop facilitation and public speaking services to individual clients, teams and organizations across the United States.

I do what I do because I believe there is too much unnecessary suffering in organizations and I want to eliminate it. I believe much of it is due to ineffective, though not ill-intentioned, leaders who are ill equipped to handle the rapid change and chaos that comes with taking on a leadership role. In short, many of them need the support and learning offered by a trusted outsider or coach, and I want to be that person.

My overarching goal is to provide the support leaders need to take action to move forward with clarity, eliminate unnecessary suffering, and help them design a more peaceful and fulfilling professional life.

What Mark's Clients Say


"Working with Mark Robertson is one of the best things I have done for my career. Managing people is difficult, and communicating effectively up and down the org chart can mean the difference between a promotion and an exit interview. Mark’s approach to the challenge of communicating is unique, as he taught me better, more effective ways to engage my colleagues, board members, and investors in conversations that coordinate action. I am a better leader and a more effective CEO because I am, and will continue to be, a student of Mark."

David Frederiksen

CEO at PatientFocus

“Our Company has employed Mark Robertson as a business coach for many years. He has been invaluable in assisting us in developing a culture of engagement, empowerment and accountability. He works often with individual staff members to assist us in developing their professional and leadership skills. Mark has worked collaboratively with us to advance our culture of trust within my Management Team. His assistance has been central to creating an open and honest working environment that allows us to break down silos between departments so that we are more efficient and effective. He continues to be an important asset for our Company.”

Ross E. Taubman, DPM

 President and Chief Medical Officer at PICA