• Newfield Certified Ontological Coach
  • PCC – Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation


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ProAssurance – PICA Group Inc., Bridgestone, Ingram Content Group, Ingram Barge, Safran – MorphoTrust USA, Olympus Surgical Technologies America, Schneider Electric, Tri Star Services, LLC, Blue Cross Blue Shield, MissionPoint Health Partners, Huron Consulting, Maritz.


Baptist Healing Trust, BlueCare, Sexual Assault Center, STARS Nashville, OASIS Center, Vanderbilt University - Owen Graduate School of Management, Belmont University - Center for Executive Education, Social Security Administration

About Mark Robertson

So why coaching? Here’s my story. My undergraduate major was Electrical Engineering, but I knew quickly that wasn’t for me. So, after a year and a half in a deeply unsatisfying job out of college, I went on a 10 year soul-searching quest for what I am passionate about as a career. This quest led me through the professions of management consulting, IT system support, non-profit development, and professional golf, followed by a masters degree in human development counseling. Upon completion of my masters degree, and the realization that counseling wasn’t quite it, I asked myself “What’s the thing that has impacted you the most in life?” The answer was stunningly clear – Coaching!

I first experienced coaching in the Fall of 1990 through a personal growth weekend workshop I attended put on by Education for Living (EFL). It was here that I was exposed to the field of Ontological Design for the first time. That Friday night a guy stood up and said “I’ll be your coach this weekend”. I was amazed at his ability to read people, and then to help them unravel the stories, and the powerful emotions surrounding them, that were causing their suffering in life. It was an amazing, intense, experiential weekend for me that I walked away from feeling alive for the first time in my life, as if someone had taken the blinders off me and I could now see my world more clearly. As I continued my learning with EFL, aside from the wonderful personal growth I experienced, I realized that companies really needed the concepts I was learning. The issues they were struggling with, that never seemed to go away, were people issues!

So I decided that day in early 1998 to commit myself to becoming a coach, attempting to master the Ontological Design distinctions, and to offer those powerful distinctions to leaders in companies to help them transform themselves and their companies. Now, almost 18 years later, these distinctions still form the bedrock of my coaching practice with leaders, their teams and the people at all levels of the companies they lead.

Over the past 18 years I’ve incorporated many other types of learning into my coaching philosophy, continuing to evolve as an Executive Coach. My commitment is to offer people within companies, top to bottom, the most powerful learning experience I can offer them to eliminate their unnecessary suffering, so they show up fully engaged and at their best at work and at home!